FGC gives health care providers the freedom to
grow their businesses in the community and beyond.
We leverage technology to deliver virtual and in-person health solutions.
We help make the art of taking care of oneself more accessible,
affordable, and transparent. We create a meaningful and rewarding
experience for patients and their loved ones.


FGC Health was founded to make health care a less stressful, more integrated, and approachable experience for patients, and for those who care for and about them. We strive to achieve our vision by delivering excellence in:

Retail Pharmacy

Pharmacy Solutions

Medical Clinics

Home Care

Emergency Medical and Diagnostic Services

Slide Our mission is to help independent outpatient healthcare businesses to reach their full potential and maximize patient health outcomes. We do this by applying our technology platform and corporate resources to enable efficiencies and meaningful dialogues that increase revenues, grow customer base, and strengthen customer retention. We provide the power to independents to enhance patient care through our brick-and-mortar stores, digital channels, and virtual patient care programs.

Our Business Segments

Retail Pharmacy
and Medical Clinics

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Emergency Medical Services and Diagnostics

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Selling Your Pharmacy

FGC Health can help if you:

Want to sell your pharmacy

Need help with strategic planning to position your business for maximum value

Wish to increase customer retention, acquire new customers, and operate a more efficient, profitable business

Value your employees and are seeking seamless integration and support of your people and culture when you sell

Are committed to preserving your legacy and ensuring patients, customers, staff, and your community will continue to be cared for by the business

Our team of experts will partner with you and provide help every step of the way, from initial planning through to the transfer of ownership and beyond.

Partnership Program

Optimize your financial health

With zero retained interest, holdback, or negative price adjustment, our compelling compensation structure provides powerful short-term and long-term incentives to participate in the future growth and profitability of the business.

Continue to lead

Run daily operations as a manager and continue to make the best decisions for you, your team, and your patients.

Maintain your professional independence

Continue to treat patients and assist customers, using your expertise to drive quality care and build mutually beneficial relationships.

Unleash your growth potential

Expand your knowledge, skills, and opportunities by accessing FGC services such as operations programs, marketing strategies, and labour management tools.

Partner for success

Reach out to a wide range of resources who will help maximize your success, including the pharmacy operations team, IT support, people and culture experts, and our various training programs.

Leverage industry-leading upgrades

Scale and grow your business by adopting our unique pharmacy operations program. Secure a consistently outstanding experience for your customers.