Joining FGC Health,
Make A Decision You'll Be Proud Of.

At FGC Health, we don't just hire talent, we hone it and help you flourish in a professional environment most suitable for your growth

Our executive team has over six decades of combined experience in acquiring and operating pharmacies, which means we know the ins and outs of the business and you are in the right hands.

We understand what is important to you and we care about helping you succeed, giving you the distinguished privilege of having made the right decision to join us.

It’s a decision you won’t regret it’s a decision you will always be proud of!

With FGC Health,
Your Career Is In Safe Hands.

We are looking for pharmacists who:

  • Want the freedom to practice the way they always wanted to
  • Want to utilize their clinical skills
  • Want to tap in to their entrepreneurial skills
  • Want to make a real impact within the community
  • Want to get out of hefty corporate structure and pressure
  • Want to be stress-free