Dalbir Bains, CFA

Chairman, President & CEO

Dalbir Bains is the Chairman, President and CEO of FGC Health. Bains founded FGC Health in 2019 after gaining strong insight and experience implementing expanded health access to pharmacies and the communities in which they operate in northern Canada.  He recognized that access to health care in Canada varies from urban, rural and remote locations, and that there is a real for these communities to have access to the diagnostics and services, not only for the sake of patient health, but for the health of the community itself. 

This understanding, along with his experience as a Chartered Financial Analyst and his executive roles in two large multi-national companies in the media, telecom, and retail sectors, inspired Dalbir to further pursue his involvement in this industry and to focus on business development, successfully driving strategy, mergers and acquisitions, organic growth, operational excellence, corporate governance, investor relations, and capital raising.

Prior to founding FGC Health, Dalbir founded Amenity Healthcare which became a large group of independent pharmacies that ultimately sold to a leading mid-market private equity firm in Canada.

“When we think about healthcare in terms of human care, we recognize that people want to create space, meaning they want to feel better, and they want to be free from ailments so they can do the things they love. The behavior and human approach to healthcare is something we want to invest in and make pharmacy a little different.” – Dalbir Bains