Inventory Optimization Solution

Maximum Revenue,
Maximum Care

It all pretty much comes down to drug inventory
management, the largest investment and expense,
that directly impacts pharmacy bottom line.

Our inventory management solutions enable a pharmacy to
maximize revenue and maximize care.

Additionally, the manual effort of pharmaceutical
administrators is considerably reduced, giving them the
opportunity to enjoy what they do.

In Inventory Optimization,
How Do We Do What We Do?

Save Shelf Space

Using multi-dimensional data and analyzing transactional similarities of multiple outlets, we can make accurate predictions on ordering the right amount of product at the right time allowing for the maximum utilization of shelf space.

Enhance Customer Service

By utilizing our innovative technology product solutions, we can gain insights as to what can be done to improve and enhance the existing customer service.

Better Inventory Outcomes

Based on our big data findings, pharmacists can follow intelligent recommendations to set stock limits in our pharmacy management system. Item-level recommendations can then be accepted or denied, while the system adapts itself to implicit feedback, finally resulting in desirable and betterinventory outcomes.