Slide FGC Health owns, operates, and services independent outpatient healthcare businesses across North America

Our commitment to health is reflected in our company name, along with our values
and commitment to patients:

Freedom – freeing yourself from health ailments
Growth – reconnecting with the things you love to do
Community – doing what you love to do with those whom you love
= FGC Health!


FGC aims to build North America’s largest integrated network of independent pharmacies and ancillary healthcare providers where data, patients, and providers are readily accessible and seamlessly integrated, providing a consistent experience with improved health outcomes.


Our mission is to help independent outpatient healthcare businesses to reach their full potential and maximize patient health outcomes.

We do this by applying our technology platform and corporate resources to enable efficiencies and meaningful dialogues that increase revenues, grow customer base, and strengthen customer retention.

We provide the power to independents to enhance patient care through our brick-and-mortar stores, digital channels, and virtual patient care programs.