Finally, a patient-centric app!

MyZoe’s features & benefits are all tied
down to a single objective – “better health
outcomes for patients.”

MyZoe is where the joy of taking care truly takes form and
managing your health becomes that much easier for you
and healthcare providers too.

It's the best of all worlds and everybody stands to win.

From a Fragmented to an Integrated Experience

Your healthcare provider, your lab, your pharmacy, your
insurance company - it's everyone and everything on a
single, digitized platform - enabling you to be at your
healthiest best, always. 

Convenience Is Key

Seamless & Well-designed

A seamless and well-designed experience for a patient,
uniting all stakeholders: healthcare provider, lab,
pharmacy and insurance company.

Personalized & Secure

Personalized, secure and real-time creation and updating
of data, making everything that much more relaxed and
stress-free for a patient.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data = Information = Insight = Knowledge = RIGHT
DECISION for 24/7 care for a patient

Prompt Notifications

From doctor appointments to the purchasing of medicines,
get promptly notified and reminded by MyZoe to do the
exact thing at the exact time.