FGC offers technology and resources to put timely, meaningful health data into the hands of health care providers and help patients reap the rewards of enhanced care.

Our innovations, technologies, and capabilities support health care professionals in practicing at the top of their licenses, offering a more connected and engaging experience for their patients. Data drives insights and opportunities for conversations that can change how patients perceive, experience, and manage their health.

At retail locations, at home, and online, our commitment is to open up all the possibilities of care for health professionals and their patients.

As a core commitment, FGC Health continually challenges the traditional way of doing business to make a difference in the healthcare ecosystem. We strive to impact change at the individual, community, and systemic levels of health. We seek opportunities to connect with and integrate like-minded health care professionals and their businesses to FGC, to leverage synergies and drive toward achieving our vision together.

The FGC team offers vast collective expertise and experience to enhance care, refine efficiency, and increase profitability for independent health care businesses.

We recognize running a health care business can be incredibly challenging. Declines in reimbursements, snowballing costs, a constantly evolving workforce, increasing regulations, and growing responsibilities can become overwhelming. They can distract and pull health care providers away from where they most want to focus – on delivering high quality patient care.

FGC enables the sale, merger, and scaling to a larger practice or business platform to help pharmacists/ business owners and their employees achieve more impactful results. Independents benefit from all the advantages of corporate resources while also maintaining their unique and close ties to patients and their communities.

Slide We encourage owners to reflect on how partnering with FGC Health could propel better health results for their patients, and enhanced business outcomes to achieve their own personal and professional goals.

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