Prescription Automation System

Out With The Old,
In With The New.

Everyone wants to see the Pharmacist.

Patient interactions, administering care to patients and catering to their needs matter the most.

So how does one free up the Pharmacist's time especially eliminating the mundane and repetitive tasks that the Pharmacist does?

FGC Health's Pharmacy Automation System (PAS) is aimed at making Pharmacists manage their time efficiently, enjoy what they do and be more available and accessible to patients.

Thought Meets Technology

Increased Throughput

Do more with your time - complete data entry and
validation tasks in a jiffy and with minimal manual
interventions for increased throughput.

Enhanced Turnaround Time

With our prescription automation system, execute tasks at
the speed of light - so much faster and more productive
than manual data entries.

Reduced Human Error

Automated extraction of data and patient verification
guarantees reduced or no human error - it's
a revolutionary system that brings about necessary

Greater Care

Our prescription automation system, by default, gives
pharmacists more time, which is best used to pay more
attention and give greater care to patients.