FGC Health is the answer.

Do you have a business strategy for selling your pharmacy? Are you considering working with an organization that can help you with your business strategy and, at the same time, maintain the legacy of your company?

FGC Health is customer-focused and committed to the clients and their health! Our team of experts will make a meaningful difference in perceived health.

Are you a Pharmacy Owner?

We understand how hard you have worked to build up your company. We have the same goal – to continue providing professional care and service to your customers and patients. FGC Health will make sure to facilitate the essence of your legacy.

If you are a pharmacy owner that is planning to sell your business, we have various options for you:

  • Selling the business. We assure you that your business is in good hands. Your legacy will continue and you can enjoy the efficient transaction and closing process. We will scale your business with our astonishing accounting and human resources, and our expertise in sales and acquisition.
  • Selling the business, without the tension that comes with full ownership. Our resources and support will take care of it all. This way you can focus more on operating the pharmacy.
  • Exiting the business on your conditions. You can sell your business but remain as a hired pharmacist with full-time or part-time opportunities. Together, we will figure out the best situation and role in the company for you.
  • If you don’t see the option that fits your needs, contact us, and we will figure out the perfect option for you.

You have put great effort into building a professional team, and your business is important to the community. Let us help you!

We value your commitment to the business you have created, your employees, and the community.

  • Your employees are the most valuable asset. They are the core of building a business, and your customers and patients depend on them and trust them. We will ensure that your employees will feel comfortable during any type of change.
  • Community is everything. Your company’s success relies on your reputation, services, and relationships. Our goal is to maintain your achievements and scale the business on your reputation and relationships. We will continue to grow your business which your customers already appreciate.

Caring before scaling.

Our unique business model goes beyond revenue. We will be happy to prove how different we are.

  • We are investing in your business, all of it – that includes training, resources, renovations, support team, and technology.
  • You will receive our support that will help scale the business and make it successful.
  • We are all a team. Our business grows when we work together. When we focus on our caring, commerce will follow.


We have built a unique and successful business model that allows pharmacy owners to sell their businesses and focus on patient care. The daily stress of operating a business will be minimized with our support services:

  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Committed Operations Team
  • Human Resources
  • IT Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Training and Development

Contact us

Regardless of what stage you are at – whether it is just considering options or ready to sell, call us, and we can help you with the information and the process.

Planning a business strategy for your company can be an emotional experience. Our goal is to be the buyer of choice for vendors looking for a fair transaction and professional process. All communication is confidential.

Whenever you are ready to consider partnering with us, feel free to contact us!

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