Dalbir Bains, CFA

Education: CFA
Management Position: Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer
Leadership Position: ---

Dalbir founded FGC Health in 2019, determined to shape better outcomes for patients and health care businesses with a focus on affordable, accessible, and transparent health care. As President and Chief Executive Officer, he drives the strategy for FGC Health. Dalbir is deeply engaged in investor relations, raising capital to fund mergers and acquisitions as well as to support organic growth. Dalbir previously founded and successfully evolved Amenity Health Care into a substantial group of independent pharmacies which were ultimately sold to a private equity firm. He is well-equipped to care for corporate governance at FGC Health as both the leader of the Company and Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Dalbir is a graduate of the University of Manitoba business school and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.