Timothy Wilde, BSCS, MBA

Education: BSCS, MBA
Management Position: Technical Advisor & Board Director
Leadership Position: ---

Timothy is a member of the FGC Board of Directors and Technical Advisor to FGC Health. Timothy counsels on transformation across all FGC Health solutions, enterprise analytics, enterprise cloud architecture, innovation and software development, and also guids the development of new digital solutions to solve complex health care problems across the payor-consumer-provider continuum. He is helping bring together real-time insights with human in the loop digital AI technologies to allow FGC Health to see into the future and create true personalized medicine. Timothy most recently served as CTO for EXL Health where he led business transformation for the company’s pharmacy, clinical, payment and digital clients. He was previously CTO of Zelis Health Care, a health care focused payments platform that was acquired by Bain Capital; CIO of Luxottica Group, the worlds largest vertically integrated eyewear company that was acquired by Essilor, and Vice President at Coventry Health, a diversified national managed care company that was acquired by Aetna CVS. Timothy’s designation in computer science and business administration serve as the foundation to digitize and transform healthcare at FGC.