Viral Patel

Education: RPh. APA
Management Position: Director, Clinical Services (Alberta)
Leadership Position: ---

Viral’s well-rounded career in pharmacy was shaped over the past ten years by education and experience gained in India and Canada. He has worked within an extensive range of pharmacy settings, including community, retail, hospital, compounding, and long-term care pharmacy. Viral launched his Canadian career in Ontario and in 2016 successfully challenged the pharmacy exam in Alberta to become a Registered Pharmacist. He currently provides services to FGC through management of its Martindale Pharmacy 1 location in Calgary and facilitation of clinical services within all FGC Alberta locations. Viral’s commitment to championing the valuable health benefits of clinical services care is supported by his ongoing pursuit of accreditations. Viral holds Authorization To Prescribe (“APA,”) certification to administer injections, lab test requisition, and qualification as a certified fitter. He is currently pursuing accreditation as a certified diabetic educator (“CDE”) which will further expand FGC’s ability to promote the health and well-being of its patients.